is it worth getting mortal kombat cd

I like Mortal Kombat CD just for the cool music tracks on there. It's really a great listen, same old gameplay but the music is great.
Graphically the Sega Cd and Genesis are almost identical. The CD version simply has some minor things the cart doesn't, aside from cd music.

The cd has that FMV intro, that uses some footage from the tv commercial.

The intro bio FMV of each other characters, opposed to static screen on cart, but its only a second long.

I think the stage that had Shang Tsung sitting in chair had him clapping at the end of the round, which I don't think was animated on Genesis?

The spike pit is graphic, with heads on on the spikes, as opposed to nothing being down there on cart version.

The only real down side is the extreme loading times, wait till Endurance Rounds, otherwise the game is the exact same thing.
What I found interesting was that the load times seemed to near 2 minutes while the actual round only lasted about 30 seconds. I do like the sega cd version better graphically, it seems a little more refined but don't pay a lot for it.
for a start i think the cd version's audio is totally shit when compared to the kung fu themes of the cart version even though it is the arcade tracks.

secondly the cd version graphically is pretty much the same as the arcade version as well.

cd version runs at full speed while cart is slower

cd version features more sounds and graphical effects

so really it doesnt matter what u get. i prefer the cart version becuase of the music and the fact that u dont have to load between fights
I'm new at this but..

As far as Mortal Kombat CD, the game IS NO WAY near the arcade in graphic quality. If you want the best graphic version plus the best playable version, the SNES version is your game. The Sega CD version is just slow and clunky. A trade off to slightly more detailed characters and backgrounds then the Genesis version is the animation during gameplay; Since the Sega CD didn't quite boost the genesis raw graphic prcoessing muscle. (Mode 7 effects doesn't do much when your paying for a 299 upgrade)

I have the Mortal Kombat CD (original disc not a copy) and the snes cart. The only thing I can say for the Mortal Kombat Sega CD version is that its value is actually more nastalgic. Takes you back to the myth of the all POWER SEGA CD ROM...muahahahahaha.
Originally posted by MarsOmega@Aug. 14 2002, 4:30 am

If you want the best graphic version plus the best playable version, the SNES version is your game.

You're kidding right? The SNES version plays in slo-mo and had the only thing that made MK1 worth playing removed - the gore. Sub-Zero's spine rip was great fun, but without the fatalities you are left with a shallow, badly animated, poorly balanced excuse for a beat-em-up.

I do enjoy the MK series, but take away the fun of learning fatalities/babalities/friendships and you're left with a very weak competitor for Capcom and their mastery of the genre.
yeah i reckon the snes version sucks dick.

i still say the mega cd version is the closest to the arcade. i have the arcade version running through mame and the mega cd version is the closest to it.

althought the cart version is slow, i also stick by it as the most playable version of mk1. its just plain simple fun.