is my avatar working on your comps?

wassup yall

for some reason my avatar doesnt display when im using my home comp but does when im using another comp.

so tell me.. is it showing up for you?
The pic doesn't show up as an avatar, but it shows just fine if I load it directly.
well... you have to retry setting the inm code cause something went wrong there. Both your avatar & your sig are -1 byte according to the right click!
what the hell is going on here?

the url's work perfectly so why isn't it showing up?

it did work for a little while. hmm....

maybe something is wrong with the host
Originally posted by WiseMan@July 22 2002, 11:11 pm

ok now im on the comp it was working on and guess what! it's working! now to check again when i get home...

Dump your cached intenet files. It's just loading it from them.
sorry, it's just not gonna work. period:

from's FAQ:


Answer: This error occurs for FREE USERS ONLY due to the attempt of linking to images in your 0catch account from a page on another server (like Ebay, etc). If you are getting this error and need hotlinking, you must UPGRADE your account in your User Manager to be able to "remote link" or "hotlink".
thanks curtis that would be much appreciated

i have taken my sig off becuase of the problems but would u consider hosting that as well?