Is there anyone who develops games for the DC?


sorry to add my two cents... but thats a great site... its nice to see the DC still supported....

Long live the DC..



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Its great to see that DC is living on through homebrew... my fav homebrew game to date is DrXlax! Go download it Here



DrXlax is good, Ridge Racer is good too, also the Epic Megagames programming compilation is pretty neat too. Oh and Ghetto Pong is funny, and anything by Trilinear is worth taking a look at.


The boob! site is great, even though I continue to be reminded of, erm, features exclusive to the female sex whenever I see that site name.

Another IMMENSE resource of DC info (a lot of hardware there) is at

Edit: RIDGE RACER??!!!??!? What, there's a freeware Ridge Racer conversion for the Dreamcast? :drool: Or does that have nothing to do with the PSX game?