Is this BC Racers legit or bootleg

I picked up a copy of BC Racers on e-bay, and it's tingling my spidey senses.

The first thing I noticed was that the manual had a funny texture. It was still a thick glossy cover with thinner pages, and a professional looking double spine staple and fold. But the cover is somehow slightly less glossy and not as smooth or as thick feeling as other game manuals. Additionally, the paper inside feels a thinner weight and also sightly less glossy.

The back insert paper is a lighter weight paper than usual for a sega CD, and a slightly different punch pattern on the folding edges, though it still looks professionally punched and folded.

Then I looked at the disk, and it does not say MFG BY JVC nor have the SEGA ID# printed around the ring. It says "allied record company" and some other serial codes. The pressed label on the disk also does not have the overall shininess and semi-transparent logos of the other CORE games that I have (battlecorps and soulstar).

What is making me think it might be legit is just that every single image of the game I can find on e-bay or google actually seems to match my description.

This is not the auction I won, but this auction has really good pictures. Everything appears to match how mine looks, including the allied record company

I'm wondering if BC Racers was just late enough in the Sega CD life that they were starting to cheap out, kind of like how they started making genesis games with black and white manuals and paper boxes.