Is this game are ever released for Saturn?

Willy Wombat (Hudson)

Conquest Earth (Data desing)

Fighting Force (Core)

Atlantis (Cryo)- i think that the game has the euro version, but i'm not sure.

Nanatsukaze no Shimamonogatari (Enix)- amaizng looking RPG

Darkstalker 3 (Capcom)

NHL Breakaway (Akklaim)

Sentient (Psygnosis)

Ten Pin Alley (EA)

Riven (Sunsoft)- i think that the game has the euro version, but again i'm not sure.

Nuclear Strike (EA)

Micro Machines v.3 (Codemaster)

Assault Rings (Psygnosis)

Formula 1 (Psygnosis)

Ninja (Core)

Z (GT)

Magic The Gathering ((Akklaim)

Killing Time (Akklaim) a 3DO game)

Formula Karts (Manic/Sega)

Diskworld 2 (Psygnosis)

I am asking, because today a read again all my Euro Sega Saturn magazines and notice preview for the game i mention it up. Wonder are they released anywhere(euro,us,jap) or like the most of the last Dreamcast games they are all canceled.
Riven, Atlantis, and Z were definitely released in Europe, i'm not sure about other regions.

Darkstalkers 3 was only released in Japan, under the name "Vampire Savior".

Fighting Force was not released anywhere for the Saturn.

I don't know about the other games.
Willy Wombat - Japan.

Atlantis - Euro

Riven - Euro

Formula Karts - Euro

Discworld 2 - Euro

I've either seen them for sale or I have copies of them.

I think Riven was 4 CDs, but I'm not sure. ???
Yes, Riven is four discs.

Other than that the only contribution I can make is that Assault Rigs was released for Saturn in Japan. (I own a copy
Willy Wombat: YES

Conquest Earth: NO

Fighting Force: NO

Atlantis: YES

Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari: YES


NHL Breakaway: NO

Sentient: NO

Ten Pin Alley: YES

Riven: YES


also in japanese


Nuclear Strike: NO, only Soviet Strike

Micro Machines: NO

Assault Rigs: YES

Formula 1: NO

Ninja: NO


Magic The Gathering: NO

Killing Time: NO

Formula Karts: YES

Discworld 2: YES