Is this resonable?


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I want to get an Action replay plus 5-in-1 4m ram cart. Im gonna have to cough up 40 bones for one. Is that about the usual or is there a cheaper place. Thanks.
I bought mine for $55 with shipping included from NCX they´re already modded so you can play Vampire Savior, and yes you can get a liitle cheaper than $40
If you open it up (unscrew it) and see a wire soldered between 2 points, it's probably been modded so it can play Vampire Savior. If there's nothing there, it might not be able to, than again, it could not be the same version as the one I got from GameGizmo <_< . Lowsy defective EMS Action Replay. Anyways, if it says EMS on it anywhere, you might have to mod it to play VS.
I believe i got a 3 in 1 action replay cart. Only paid £6 for it from Lik-Sang