iso+mp3 neogeo cd


I am French exuse me for my English!!!

I don't arrive has cracker the games last blade 2 on neogeo cd has an I/O protection.

I know how to find the file thanks to the ipl.txt but I don't know how to modify it the file *. prg if someone can help me that would be terrific!!!

thank you for advance


Je suis francais exuser moi de mon anglais!!!

Je n'arrive pas a cracker le jeux last blade 2 sur neogeo cd il y a une protection I/O.

je sais trouver le fichier grace au ipl.txt mais je ne sais pas comment le modifier le fichier *.prg si quelqu'un peut m'aider ca serais super!!!

merci d'avance
Its hard to tell what you want exactly, but this is what I get of what your saying: You have downloded Last Blade 2 from the net and want to play it on your NeoGeo CD home system....but it has I/O Erros and you want to know why? Am I correct? Or did you BUY the game, make a copy of it, and are trying to play it on the NeoGeo CD system? Or are you trying to play it on the CDZ system?....Is it a purchased game from the store, coipied to a cdr, or a backup from off of the net? Tell us more needed information, were not Psychics ya know. :)
I have found the ISO on internet, I have a neo cdz the games function but after some minute has an I/O mistake I would like to know what it is necessary to put because 4E 75 4E 75 don't function!!! what is necessary to put? I have toujour the I/O mistake. and similar for real bout 2.

thank you.