It Works!


I just burned my first game ever for my Saturn and it's currently running about 3 feet away from me! Anyway, I just found this site about a week ago and couldn't help but ask myself one question constantly....:What the fuck are these people talking about? Yeah, FTP....bin....iso....cue....mp3 (Hey! One I recognized!)....wav (Two! Awesome!)....then the swap trick....My god....The swap trick....

So, yeah, thanks to Lockecole02, as he provided the game for me. Thank you to everyone who ever posted on this board regarding this subject. Thanks to anyone who ever wrote any "How to" files on this subject. They were all extremely helpful to a newbie who had no damn clue what exactly was involved in burning a game. You all have my gratitude.

Now....Shining Force 3 awaits....
Thank you for reading the FAQs before asking questions that have been answered 100's times already. And congrats.
Good work. You make a good role model for n00bies. :
a lot of people work it out for themselvs, they just don't bother with congrulatory shit afterwards, they mutter under their breath "thanks me, thanks google"

but, uh, yeah, congrats Michaias
Seeing quite publicly that someone new has been able to do it all on their own might encourage others to try for themselves too. And that can't be a bad thing.
i wish all newbies were like him,
(i miss the fancy smilies) i mean he used his brains and looked why can't other newb's do this are they too stupid or just lazy???
They're too L33T to use their brains

Edit: Of course, I've been known to ask a common question or two as well ehehehe, people seem to grow out of it over time.