Its silly some rules classic game scene has

I mean who are we kidding. What we are doing is illegal. Your not any better if you trade your isos and share them instead of asking where to download them. It doesn't matter if your above mailing cds full of roms or whatever. A poor kid being introduced to this for the first time asked me why are these dorks wasting time bickering over if it is against the rules asking for a game or selling them. The reason he had is if were going this far for free games does it really matter if we have little rules about what is considered a classic system and so on? I know this is done so big companies don't go after shutting down a place that has 1970 and 80 10 cent intellivision and nitendo games no one cares about because they get enragedcat dreamcast playstaion 2 iso floating around. The kid does have a point however. I thinkj it is great a place like this has rules but even though we wouldn't like to be in the warez group that is what the athorities think so just chill out and remeber this is for fun and don't take it seroius. People are on streets with real problems not make believe rules enforced by a few people that think they are a more dignified game trader whatever you want to call it. This was posted so people lighten up since it has been documented in the past what happens when a group of comp useres start creating a unique trading community and so on.
See, you miss the point of SX.

It's not about downloading games. It's a community of Sega fans.

And that's why there are rules. This isn't a warez scene, and the primary purpose of SX isn't to proliferate ISOs of dead consoles.

Realistically, it'd be prefered if you went out and bought a copy of the game, however, that is getting much more difficult (some more than others). Hence, FTPs and such. But that has it's own board, it's own link, etc. etc.

Don't taint this board just because a friend of yours got banned for begging for ISOs in the same unintelligible fashion that you wrote your post. I'm sorry if downloading ISOs is out of your reach, but them's the breaks.
all i know is i live on the streets i live in a box and i use the public libraries computer to access the internet. after hearing the voices in my head repeating "beg the people for ISOs" i desided to get a corkscrew and drain my brain from them. after ridding myself of the voices and brain fluid i then went on to become president of my shanty town oh yes i'm the man now oh ya oh ya my campain slogan was the "rats might have our pickles but they can't have our 50 million copies of the atari classic E.T. why because that's what seperaties us from them" now me and my bum friends have combined our forces around that rally call and saved our E.T collection hahahhahahahaha next we will reclaim our pickles. LOL #### rats but still they are better then the ear jigs that come and burrow into my ear canal.

ya there you go there's some real life problems
Man, this is the same post that another guy did, and his dumb ass comments got him banned. On top of that he tryed to register again, and got his whole IP range banned again.

Do I smell another banning coming on??!
what happens if someone you completely don't know gets there ip range banned and you have the misfortune of being within the guys range? it could happen ya know.
As far as I know, the rules aren't there because of ego-boosting and arbitrary decisions, they're there for practical reasons: ISO begging is prohibited because if it wasn't there would be a massive flood of it, while newer and more popular systems aren't dealt with because the admins have no substantial interest in those systems and/or there are other sites that do a better job.
Hows your shrunken head experiments going along arakon?

Last I heard you were still in the exploding stage. Did you ever find the right chemical combinations?
fine. Its illegal. So is spitting on the ground thanx to the days of the plague. But like spitting on the ground, if the police see you, he or she doesnt actually give a flying f*** because they are too busy watching for less childish things. Things like pirating something that actually makes a profit to someone