It's time for a new Tutorial

Well, I'm finishing the tutorial, but I haven't still decided what kind of BG graphics I should explain first. What do you think is more interesting for a first time user :

- The Bitmap BG's, that are basicly like 256 color modes in DOS, that makes easier to port PC programs (SMSPlus uses this mode, for example), but is very poorly commented in the SGL Documentation?

- The tile based BG, that is more suited to the Sega Saturn, nicer if you want to do your games from scratch, and is extensively covered in the SGL docs ?

Both of those will be covered eventually , but only one of those will make it to this tutorial... Since I don't do these very regularly, and it will take a while until you see the next one, it has to be one that most programmers would like to try ^o^;
A new tutorial? Great! I don´t know which is better, i am just happy to get another tutorial about Saturn programming, but i guess that you should start with the easiest one.
While I'd love to learn more about tiled mode, I think bitmap mode would probably be better from a tutorial standpoint since it offers more direct control to the programmer instead of having to set up the tile engine.
Well, in that case, what kind of thing would you like to see? Anyone has ideas for a game that can be implemented in a couple hundred lines? Or maybe an image viewer? I figured that a raw 24-bit image (displays 24-bit raw color bitmaps) viewer would be cool, mas it's just so... unamusing (and it atracts ppl to the 24-bit mode, a very, very slow way to do GFX on the Saturn :p)
Well, i guess 24bit looks good, but maybe you should stay with 256 colors to make it easier. A game in about 100 lines, hmm, maybe a simple Space Invaders clone. :) I am not shure, but it will be great whatsoever!