I've a Question - no makin' fun.

I've just started here, because I just got a Sega CD/32X system and don't want to spend 20+ bucks on older games.

I understand ripping games and such, but why are "we" using iso/mp3 or que/bin stuff??

Why isn't there just a simple 1 file download (or 1 file broken into 10-40 files) for Sega CD games??

Is it really that hard to simply make an image of a Sega CD disc... and then put that up on the net?, then all I'd have to do is grab the file(s) and burn to a CD-R... wouldn't that solve quality issues about iso/mp3??

I'm sorry, I don't understand it. I've been copying my computer games for awhile, and I thought I'd be able to do the same with Sega CD.

I can make a 1 file image of any of my PC games... and in fact can with the 2 (REAL) Sega CD games I've got... so why doesn't anyone else?? I don't lose quality of sound (unless you count that fact that it is just a copy) and I don't have to worry about decodeing this and that just to burn.

I know this is a newbe question, but I really want to know.
Ok, first thing I suggest is reading the FAQ, that being said, Bin/cue IS everything. Basically what we have here is the entire clump of files from the Sega CD/32x (or any CD system for that matter) merged into one file, and the cue is just the thing that is used for CDRWin (and a few other programs) to tell it to burn that file onto a CD. The cue is especially useful when you have to mark soundfiles (wavs anyhow) because CD audio doesnt generally play correctly unless it is listed correctly in the cue. Cue sheets can be made however, so it's not like some magic button to press and everything burns perfectly (actually if the bin has no audio files it IS a relatively straight forward process)

The Iso/mp3 bit is a bit touchier. Not everyone in this world is blessed with a cable/dsl/t1 etc connection, therefore ISO/mp3 was used because it is much smaller. As you can imagine, mp3 audio is much smaller than wav (and the actual game iso is not all that big most of the time most of the filesize is music). mp3 saved at a high enough bitrate is not noticable, so you convert to mp3, shove it online, and download it to reconvert. Although you won't be so lucky to find as many bin/cue files out there, so if you have Iso/mp3, be patient, because it takes a bit to make cues for those (unless you use CDR-cue or Fireburner for your burning, then it's a breeze.)

If there's anything I missed just ask, the people here are nice, we can help.
plus the patcher utilities (for region protection) only work on isos/bins, none of the proprietory formats liek discjuggler/nero etc will be patchable

bin/cue & iso/mp3 is also suported by a range of programs, which is good for those people whose burners wont work with a particular piece of software
Quote: from megametalgreymon on 1:57 pm on Jan. 12, 2002

none of the proprietory formats like discjuggler/nero etc will be patchable

Some older nero images are patchabel, they were just a normal iso image with additional sectors (image description for nero) at the end of the iso.
OK I mosltly understand it now... thanks. :)

I would have read the faq but I didn't know there was one, if you can point me to it, I'll be sure to read it.

I know I'm not allowed to ask for files... but is it OK for me to ask for some ftp addresses and info so that I can start getting some games??

Thanks again!!
Well since you are new here, all the info you will need is in the MISC section and the FTP section is the best place to look (unless you look into the FTP forum, but don't expect EVERYONE to give out their FTP's without a little contribution on your part). A bit off topic, but I really have high faith in the team going to make an SMS emu for Saturn. Just so you know folks, if you can get it working well, you rock! :) Keep up the good work.
...yes old post...

gotta ask... some ppl were having debates b/n bins vs isos. Personally, i don't mind either. I can't find any difference between the two... Is the difference only in the audio??!!?
Yeah the difference is only in the audio. Some people say the can tell the difference between CD quality and MP3 quality. I'm not one of those people, but I don't doubt that they can tell the difference, it's just I don't mind either or. I've downloaded Bin+Cue and ISO+MP3 and I prefer the ISO+MP3, but that's probably because I'm on the old 56k (I wish I could get something better).