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ok, i buy a mod from jandaman and i get it the next day(quik shipping) and i try installing it on my 21 pin saturn. when i put in a commercial game, the disc doesnt even spin :( :( I also tried my friends backup disc of bomberman and that doesnt work on it either. i kno i installed it right, so im going to send the chip back to him. when i got my mod chip in the box only a blue wire was connected to the mod and a red wire was also in the box and it looked like it fell off. so i soldered it back on. so do any of u know if jandaman can send me another model mod or all of the different model mods


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If the disc doesn't spin, it might be because the ribbon is making complete contact. Try slightly repositioning the ribbon or modchip. That happen to me after i took to mod out my first time. I thought i broke my saturn. But it was just the ribbon.
yes, backups and commercial games will work.

If the cd does not spin, then it's probably not the modchip. You may have the modchip not installed securely, ribbon cable not inserted the right way, etc


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Originally posted by DeVante@Jul 31, 2003 @ 01:04 PM

I have a model 2 (round button) Saturn and a modchip I received from jandaman yesterday.

It works fine.

Do you have a 32 pin or 64 pin model 2 saturn?