Jandaman's Service!!

Jandaman's Service!!


Sent on 8/29/2003 and arrived at 9/9/2003 . From USA to Portugal in 9 days , less than i expected.

As soon as i inserted the 4in1 on my saturn , a menu has displayed. I haven't checked the RAM and the memory function , only checked if it worked.

I connected the modboard with an UTP CAT5 cable , because the the cable that came with the modboard wasn't enough ( the ONLY negative thing about jandaman! ) . Te mod worked , even it was my first time soldering. :D

So , just to be more specific:

Good things:

-Geez it was fast , only 10 days :D .

-The modboard and the 4in1 came well packed.

-They both worked.


-He talked to me in real-time through MSN Messenger , not just ignored me.

-He offered me help when i needed.

Bad things:

-The cable who came with the modboard was a little bit to short.


HIGLY RECOMMENDED!!! Buy from him ;)

:D ;) :rolleyes: 6 stars out of 5

Here i drop you a public "THANK YOU", keep up the good work Jandaman,

PS: Good luck with your website.

PS1: Model 2 21pin cable 32pin the "chip" or whatever , PAL one. Used also de A+B Bridge that Mal discovered. Thx a lot , you spared me a lot of work :D

PS2: Don't know if this is the right section to post this .

PS3: Great forum , keep up the good work.


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Jandaman's Service!!

Originally posted by banid0@Sep 9, 2003 @ 11:03 PM

Bad things:

-The cable who came with the modboard was a little bit to short.

I got a mod chip once like that (not from him)

Just soldered on a new wire.

Welcome to SX BTW :D


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Jandaman's Service!!

I probably should have used cat 5 for my a/v mod... but I'm lazy and cheap. Lazy in that I didn't want to make another trip to radio shack, cheap in that I didn't feel like spending any money on cat 5 lol.
Jandaman's Service!!

Thanks for the reception :)

I am also lazy and cheap , so that's why i used CAT5...i already had that kind of cable in my house :D .

SX r0x :D


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Jandaman's Service!!

Yeah Jandaman is excellent. I bought two mods from him. One thing that worried me was the packing for the mods, they were just wrapped in paper towel. But I can't complain, mods worked great, and at a great price :cheers

Oh yeah super fast shipping too.