Jet Grind Radio...

Okay now, the graphics are sweet, the sound is kicking but com'on the game is !^*@& hard! I went through like 3 controllers...It's not so much hard...more frustrating! Falling off a grind or looking for that last arow with the time running out,then losing and having to start the whole level over from the start... THATS agiatating...does anyone agree?

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C'mon...It can't be too hard if I (someone with the reflexes of a 32 year old) was able to beat it.

Same thing with Gunvalkyrie...some people just don't enjoy a challenge, I guess...
I think the game is great and I still havnt finishd it but thats because I just bought an xbox with halo, doa3, rallysport and .. Jet Set Radio Future which is amazing and the removal of the time limit does make it more fun as you can just arse about instead of gettin all the tags straight away.

HAHAHA...anyways it's not that the game is HARD it's that it's anoying! Jumping off rooftops and falling into water, falling off skyscrapers in the New York Level, not finding the right grind to get a particular tag, soul etc.. These things all wanna make me break my controller!
i hated JGR....why the #### does the jumping have to feel like Virtua Fighter? and yes i played thru and beat it....but didnt enjoy it very much because of the shitty jumping.
I like JGR and JSRF. I own JGR and beat it and am currently working on JSRF. I love everything about both games except that stupid song on JSRF. EXTRA SUGAR, EXTRA SALT, EXTRA PARTIES MY HOMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S SO FUCKING ANNONYING!
I managed to beat everything in that game, every soul and every character (including the dog). I had no prob with it, just some of the tags (about 5) were a bitch to get.

I hate the new one though. It is too hard to stop grinding when you want to, the game should of had a "dismount" button.

LOL, a game with a "dismount" button. /5yearold

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its not that its hard, its just that it can be quite unfiar, like theres no way to do tags without getting shot sometimes in the later levels.
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if JGR/JSRF are too *hard* for you, I hear nintendos working on a new Pokemon title..

I didn't only hear that i've seen pics of pokemon advance...well its time for Nintendo to make some cadh of the poke kids :)
games that are hard and take skill that can be mastered and sometimes luck have ultimate replay value. Well, for me anyway. JGR is pretty easy once you can get the hang of it, and launching perpetual grinds is always fun.
don't you hate people who make fun of you for playing "kiddie" games, like poke'mon? I mean, yes ok it's a bit lame but it's still fun none the less. a quality rpg is a quality rpg. Once i was playing super mario bros on my GBC (the *port* of the original nes title) and some kid who was about 9 said "that's a baby game!" I just pause it and go : would you like to beat the final bowser on one life and no continues? (even though i wasn't there) and he just ran away. I just hate it when someone calls a game a kiddie game if they can't even beat it.
Mario's ability to accelerate has cost me many a life. They cause mistimed jumps.

Especially on those thin platforms in world 8-3.
This is getting a bit OT, but...

What had always puzzled me about Argonaut Software's Croc was that I couldn't make up my mind whether it was a "kiddie" game or not.

The story, colourful graphics, simplistic gameplay and cute sfx were all suggesting kiddie realm. The frustrating Lara-inspired gameplay and unforgiving dynamics were NOT. Especially the bit where you slip off a tiny platform and fall into the lava, lose all your diamonds (sounds familiar?), perform a short leap up in the air a' la Mario 64 (except one tenth of the height and one sixteenth of the duration, thus giving you virtually no time to reposition your character to a safe spot) and land back in the lava. With no temporary invincibility to help you, this meant you lost a life. And this happened way too often.

It was like the programmers stole all the bad ideas from other, more successful games and wrapped them into one painful package.

Even after getting the hang of most 3D based games I still could not make it through a 10 minute session at Croc without feeling the urge to smash the keyboard/joypad/whatever into little bits. I could not see the point of it all.

The only reason I kept playing for some time was to save the game at world three with 30+ lives for my cousin to play on. No fun was involved in the process and I cannot think back to those days without a cringe.

Anybody else had similar frustrating experiences?