Jim Power

The game Jim Power is reviewed in an Electronic Gaming magazine as 100% complete and pictured on Gen Collective.

It is a 3-D platform-like shooter that was popular in jap arcades and came out for the SNES. But as for the GEN version...

Does it really exist? Does anyone own a copy? I am starting to suspect this is just a confusion between SNES versions and the genesis just like Speed Racer.

Can anyone comment?

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Well JEFF-20 there isnt a jeff power for the genesis/megadrive, it only came out on the SNES and pc.................. :lol:


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I'm not sure but for me it was released, I remember some previews and maybe reviews about this game. I need to verify. I just remember there was a way to play it with simple 3d glasses to give depth to the game.


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Steve Snake mentioned something on segadev about an interesting method it uses for updating VRAM, so I don't think it's vapor. :)
Well, I have the rom and the game is quite good and the music is great (I think it was composed by Chris Huelsbeck). The problem with this game is that is too hard and I haven´t found any Game Genie code for it.


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