Jurassic Park Arcade for Saturn (lightgun shooter)


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is it true that there exists a version of this game for saturn?

has anyone played it?

does anybody own/sell it?

it's hard to get rare saturn games in germany...


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I doubt this game reached the Saturn. From the Arcade screenshots I saw of this game were impressive to say the least. It would have taken something VERY special from programmers/developers to get this game on the SS.



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It was meant for the DC, but never made it due to an EA licence agreement for the name of the game i think.


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Are we talking about the Lost World Jurassic Park 3D shooter or the older Jurassic Park 1 game that i believe used System 32?

I wished sega released more of its arcade shooter games on the DC. I still wished they made star wars trilogy arcade on DC....



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does anyone know of any projects to emulate the model 3? or model 2 even? it seems like this is the only was we are gonna get this game... well unless u fork over 5 grand for the machine if not more


kinda off topic, but anyone know what hardware/if there is an emulator and dump for Top Skater? i know it wount be nearly as fun with a keyboard or controller, but it would be cool nonetheless