Just added a switch to my 21-pin Saturn

I wish I could've taken pictures of it while i was doing it but it came out quite nice. I was at Fry's (gag) and they had somewhat of a car hydraulic switch but I thought nah... I'd hate to see my Saturn on 3-wheel motion.

Anyways, I got it done with the somewhat greatest ease. Although, my Saturn has really taken a beating. I rescued it from my local game HQ, Game Dude (north hollywood) about a year ago and it had seen better days. In fact I had to replace the fuse on the fuse board. It now has a fuse holder as well as a new fuse just in case i overdo it... heheh.

I had also modded it to a full Jap machine by soldering over the jumpers underneath the board and removing the other resistors. Had to use a 4M PAR to boot US games.

Last night, I actually had enough of the PAR and had the balls to add the Jap/US DPDT switch to it. This is the switch I added to my system. It took me about an hour and a half to do it (i forgot to put back the VCD card slot holder thingy) but it worked excellent the first time! Now I'm just waiting for my mod-board and see how much fun i'll have setting that up.

Let it not be said that Sega made a durable console! Can't wait to try out Radiant Silvergun and the Panzer Dragoon Series.