Just finished Shenmue2

... and watched this "Saturn - Shenmue" movie.

Am I the only one to believe that they are fake?

I mean... all the scenes you could see are

exactly the same (1-on-1) in the Dreamcast version.

Just can't believe the even had Shenmue2 for the saturn finished?!

Dunno why Sega should fake something like that..

Comments please
It's all about making money. Probably by the time they had it finished, the Saturn was dying and that the DC was already being developed. They'd figured it would do much better on the new system than the old. Does that make sense?
It doesnt make sense that they were already working on a shenmue2 version (movie shows scenes that happen within the last 30mins of the game),

and didnt release shenmue1 by then?

of course i know the reason why satrun games got cancelled..

but it doesnt make sense working on a sequel

for a saturn-version that never will be out for saturn..

in case this sentence makes any sence tell me :]

and how can it be that everything you see in the

saturn-movie is 1-on-1 ported to dreamcast..?

Dont wanna post any shenmue2 spoilers in here
Shenmue 1 and 2 was actually kinda fininshed at the same time, Yu Suzuki just splitted them up into chapters.
where did you get information about shenmue for saturn. granted, i am not going to doubt you for the fact that i know that they had been working on shenmue since the dreamcast was known as katana, but i too would like to see screens or anything about shenmue for saturn.

akuma is right when it comes to not releasing shenmue 2 for saturn, since the saturn was dying, if they released it for saturn, it would do nothing but lose money.

as for shenmue 2, i forgot who said it, but they are right, shenmue 2 is just a split version of shenmue, but the thing is, shenmue 2 isnt chapter 2, it's chapter 3, they show what happens in chapter 2 through an opening movie in shenmue 2.

sega had plenty of time to work on it, but than again it could easily be a fake, but along with everyone else, i am hoping its not, because there have been very successful underground unreleased games that become cult classics to many like thrill kill (sorry for the psx reference in a saturn section, but it is the best example).