Justifier gun with ALG games?

I just found Who Shot Johnny Rock? at a garage sale for 1$. I had previously thought that all the ALG (american lazer games) games would only work with the american lazer games gamegun (and menacer).

I was surprised when browsing the instructions to read that it supported both the mega mouse and the Konami Justifier (misprinted in the instructions as the Konami Enforcer™). I was dubious, but I tried it out, and sure enough it works.

So, my question is whether the other ALG games (Mad Dog 1, 2, and Crime Patrol) would work with the Konami Justifier? I don't want any guesses and surmizations, I've already gotten plenty of that. If someone out there has the games, and has the gun, try it out and let me know if it works. (also curious if they work with the mouse. I only have one other game that works with the mouse: Links).

I know that Corpse Killer doesn't work with the Justifier, because I've tried that one myself.