JVC x'eye purcahse


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JVC x'eye purcahse

Yesterday I picked up a JVC x'eye and a memory card for $45. Is that a decent deal? Also, I had read somewhere that the 32x does not work on it. Is that true? Or is there some modding that will make it work.
JVC x'eye purcahse

yeah thats a really good deal. You know it plays karioke cd's too right
. You can play 32x on it, but sega just doesn't want you to. Kinda like how you can play 32x on the cdx but they SAY you cant. You don't need to mod it to play the 32x on the cdx i'm sure and i am pretty sure you don't need 2 on the x'ye...
JVC x'eye purcahse

Thanks for the answer. I have a couple other questions. What do I have to do to play imports on it. Secondly, do I need to modify it to play CDR's?
JVC x'eye purcahse

I believe that the x'eye will play cd-r's. After all its just a sega cd and the sega cd, and every incarnation of the sega cd had no copy protection. Best bet to play imports on it is to copy the import cd, change the country code and rerip it. I dont know if the internals are the same, also I doubt that the bios will be the same in that system.
JVC x'eye purcahse

I have the x'eye and it does play cd-rs... i don't think there was a game so far that hasn't worked for me. I don't think it plays every cart game because i put some games in and they don't work on the x'eye.

I got mine on ebay for $18 shipped which was a really good deal but no ac adapter...but the genesis 2 ac adapter works fine...

Its a great system...i haven't tried the karaoke cd+g stuff yet...