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If you want to play multiplayer Genesis games on ther internet well this is the post for you! Posted below are a list of members wanting to play games.

Post your icq/aim/msn and the game you want to play!
Can Gens/Kaillera support Sega CD games online? I've played Genesis and 32X games with a friend online but since he didn't have Sega CD games never tried to see if it was possible.

I'm willing to give any game a try, except sports-not into it or racing games-because I suck at them. I usually play fighting games or platform action ones, like Streets of Rage.

ICQ# 5076396

Anybody up for a game of TMNTHH?

ICQ me at 47171113

BTW, E-Nice I have no idea if sega cd games work online.
Sure I'm up for some online play! How about Madden 91 - 93? Streets of Rage 2 would be cool. As would Golden Axe II. Virtua Fighter for Genny! Street Fighter II/Super Street Fighter II? How about the Mortal Kombat games? Oh yeah, do the ROM file names have to be the same?

Edit: Oh yeah, my AIM is Zidane416 or Vivi515. Either will do.
i play on kaillera a lot, but not gens, cause i never quite got the thrill of playing with random people in the lobbies, playing with other people i know could be fun though. <Lamer> anybody got a good site for genny roms? i need to get some.... </Lamer>. But if i can get set up id be glad to play something with ya iceman (cept TMNT hyperstone heist, just beat it yesterday...)
I've never seen or touched a Sega CD/Genesis... I don't know what Kaillera is... but I'm increasingly intrigued by the idea of playing old games online.

Can someone point me to a beginner's FAQ so I can learn more about this and what I need in order to try this out... Thanks...
Boy, do i hate it when answers are this obvious. But thanks DDR
We should set up a bomberman tournement or something, get as many people in for tons of 8 player bomberman.... that would be gold.

Just need to set a 'bomberman day' date...

Micro Machines!! Who´s up for 2-4 players mayhem? I like the mm96 the best but the military is cool too, a bomberman tournament would be tha bomb (sorry for the pun ^^), and yes we have to have the same rom to be able to play online so rename your rom first with romcenter or get them here.

Get columms3 too that game is good for the folks with high pings my ping is around 70 to 100.

Edit: Oh yeah I forgot to put icq nº 170828192
Hey, i just found out about Kaillera like 5 minuts ago. What could be greater than playing genny games over the net. Im gonna get me ths Kaillera and figure out how it works. I'll be back and then the internet gaming can begin! MUAHAHAHA!!
Man, i got everything running, but there are so many servers that i get confused. Oh well, its getting to late anyways!

*SegaSquad needs sleepy time*
Originally posted by IBarracudaI@Oct 21, 2003 @ 04:45 AM

humm... why don't we set up some tournaments? :)

yea, that hasn't happened at SX for awhile. I'm in :)


Yeah... I don't think finding players will be a problem :D

We just need someone to set up a kaillera server... someone with a _very_ good connection :unsure: