Kaitou Saint Tail translation for Game Gear by Matt's Messy Room


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Released on GG in 1996, one year later it got a Saturn version made by a different team.

"Kaitou Saint Tail is based on the anime of the same name. A problem is brought to Seira Mimori’s attention. Through a series of events explained in the game, fake gems have been sold as real gems. Meimi Haneoka as Saint Tail is tasked with replacing the fake gems with the real gems.

You walk around on a map avoiding guards and collecting magic cards to get into people’s mansions to swap jewels. Magic cards let you do things like temporarily put guards to sleep and jump over hedges as well as other things at random.

Once you’ve reached a mansion, you play a series of minigames as a way to swap gems. Each minigame allows you to swap 1 gem. Once you’ve swapped all 5 you then have one final minigame to make your escape from Daiki Asuka aka Asuka Jr. who is, as usual, hot on your heels.

The game also features a 1p and 2p minigame mode were you can skip the story and just select whatever minigame you want to play.

The 2p minigame mode will not activate without a game gear to game gear link cable linking two game gears together."