Kid Chameleon


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Very cool game.  There were many different helmet superpowers you could be and MANY levels.  Tough game.
Great game, I loved playing it when I was a kid. I recently even bought the cart again
Ah yes, this game is brilliance. I say if your arse isn't numb, your nerves frazzled and death doesn't have big consequences it aint a good platformer. Kid Chamelion pushes ones endurance to the limits but it's always a pleasure to play. Level design is sublime considering the number in there. Notice how the multiple routes work alot better here than in Sonic3?

Bosses, abilities, graphics, music are all solid. This is probably my 2nd or 3rd favourite Genesis platformer.
I bought this when i was a kid cuz i liked having all those helmet powers!

However, the game was very long (if you didn't do the shortcuts, obviously)...

The main disappointment i had was the graphics, as i had with most sega gen. games.

Otherwise i liked the game