know games with 5.1 sound ?

the wonderful 5.1 sound.

metal gear 2, have it in the cut scenes, the bouncer the same

but which games have this add, and are there any game that incorporate 5.1 sound in real time

does any one know this

so please make a list of games you know have ''DD''(5.1 sound) compatible on x-box or PS2
No PS2 games support 5.1 in real time that I know of, Soul Reaver 2, GTA3, GT3, and Test Drive all have 5.1 features I think. Many Xbox games have realtime 5.1. I'm not about to give you a list, just look around for reviews of the game and see if they mention anyhting about the sound. Most games that would benifit a lot from such sound (like Halo) should support it.
Driven and World Cup 2002 on Gamecube support 5.1... and sound ace!
Well xbox does dolby digital 5.1 in realtime on most of their games (jet set future, doa 3, halo and others i believe).

PS2 normally doesn't have DD 5.1 in realtime mostly in cutscenes but i'm sure it can do it somehow.

Gamecube utilizes Dolby Pro Logic 2 which indeed is 5.1 but I don't know how good it sounds sincce I don't have gamecube.

If anyone can elaborate on Dolby Pro Logic 2 for me that would be great.

GC doesn't do DD 5.1 nor DTS 5.1 in realtime or cutscenes but I don't think any system (yet) does DTS 5.1 in realtime and i doubt there would be any system that will ever do DTS 5.1 in a game in realtime since DTS is strictly for movies.

That's my 2 cents...