Knuckles crushing Yuna?

Well for one thing...I have no idea who Yuna is. Furthermore...Kuckles is the only badass character in the whole Sonic series....he's like the Eminem of videogames.
What is the Final Fantasy series up to? 15? Lordy, it's ridiculous. Is it a ongoing story or just separate titles?
Same name, different story...just use the name to get a bunch of fanboys that don't know anything else to buy.

No offence FF fans...but geez...if Square's so confident in their game...why not change the name and see how well they do?
I have this theory.... square makes these games... and then is like "WTF should we name this?" then after a while they're like "Screw this, I give up... let's just call it final fantasy part 43".

(This is coming from someone who's a big fan of 4-7)
Final Fantasy is a guarenteed "seller". It's the same a Hollywood making sequels. Look at the BIG movies this past year: X-2, T-3, Bad Boys 2.... Unfortunatly, game developer, like the studies, are afraid of taking a chance. The biggest chance Square has taken was working with Disney on that one PS2 game. And how hard was it to predict it would do well?? FF has mostly turned to fanboys at this time. IMO FF 7 was the last GREAT one. FF 9 was decent.
My personal favorite FFs are VII (DUH! Cloud IS the star ;) ), IV, and IX in that order. After playing IV (1998) and IX (2000), I can see why everyone loves the medival and fantasy settings, as opposed to the futuristic settings. Even though IX was supposed to be the LAST fantasy setting one, I read that they MIGHT do it again with FFXII. All the others FFs I've played are subpar. FFV was pretty good though.

Don't you think it's interesting how Square's main franchise is slowly going to hell, while their "other" (to some FF Fanboys at least), games are getting better and better? Chrono Cross is The Greatest Game Ever! Right behind Phantasy Star IV. Parasite Eve took a dive in quality with the second one, but I'm still looking forward to the third one, since the first game is one of my all-time favorite games. Brave Fencer Mushi was a VERY fun, and quirky Platform/Action RPG.

The main reason why I love the Chrono series and Phantasy Star so much, is that they are all one huge plot. Events in Chrono Trigger carried over to Chrono Cross (Chrono Trigger "triggered" ;) the events in Chrono Cross). With Phantasy Star, it's all an even BIGGER plot! I remember events in PSII kinda triggered what happened in PSIV, but what happens in PSIV and the whole series as a whole (that sounded funny :lol: ) was triggered by how Algo was born, and it's reason simply for existing.

Now, when're Parasite Eve Rebith (Announced) and Chrono Break (Announced) coming out? :cheers
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Chrono Cross is The Greatest Game Ever! Right behind Phantasy Star IV.

That makes sense..

Do you have a link for Chrono Break being announced? That name was trademarked a couple of years back by Square but I'm fairly sure there's been nothing else about it since..
Yuna is a very unpopular FF character. Mainly because she she isnt a badass character like Sephiroth and she doesnt look like a hooker like Tifa :D .

I actually liked her as a character even though I hated FFX overall. Unfortunately slap the name Final Fantasy on any RPG and the fans will drool all over it.

I was thinking recently when playing Skies of Arcadia:

"I wonder how much more this would have sold if it was called Final Fantasy something?"
It would have been insane. Among Sega (Phantasy Star) fans, it is highly respected. The game is an awesome follow up to the PS series. Have they ever said anything about making a sequal?
I've never played it, but I've been dying to. Especially since Reiko Kodama worked on it! Let's see if the magic she put into PS, PSII, and PSIV works in SoA. :)