Konami Preparing Hudson Takeover


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Nikkei reports today that Konami has entered final preparations for a complete takeover of Hudson. The takeover is expected to take place this Spring.

Konami has been Hudson's parent company since April 2005, and currently has a 54% stake. This new arrangement would give Konami a 100% stake in the company.

In wholly acquiring Hudson, Konami hopes to strengthen the ties within its group structure by absorbing Hudson's popular game titles and development knowhow.

Hudson is expected to be delisted from Jasdaq, Nikkei reports. Konami is also looking into dispatching a CEO to Hudson.

UPDATE 15:53

Konami has issued a statement (PDF) confirming plans to make Hudson into a wholly owned subsidiary via a stock swap. Konami will also be making Digital Golf into a subsidiary.

UPDATE 16:48

Sankei reports that the conversion will take place, as one might expect, on April 1. Konami's aim is to absorb Hudson's knowhow in such areas as game distribution for cell phones, and also hopes that the absorption can be used for future developments in social gaming.

Hudson CEO Michihiro Ishizuka will resign on 3/31. He will be replaced by Konami Digital Entertainment's Kazuhiko Uehara. Konami is currently investigating such things as company name changes and the possibility of combining business operations.

Source : http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/01/20/konami_hudson_takeover/