KyuKyoku Tiger 2

I'm considering getting another saturn shooter, KyuKyoku tiger 2 plus. What do you guys think about this game. How does it rate with all the other saturn shoot em ups? Which game does it play like?
I've owned it a few times and it's really not that great. It's really hasd if you like those kind of games. The prequel Kyukyuko Tiger on the NES, PC Engine and Megadrive is much better and it's one of my all time favorites.
its a good game if u like shooters

not as good as the first one but its better graphics and sound

but just dosent cut it like the first one,still its a good addition to the saturn shooter collection.its also available to play on mame ,with some graphic glitches.

i recommend trying to get steam hearts if u dont have it

its really good this one nice and cartoony.