Lamers on EBAY

i already posted same message over at nintendoxtreme, but for your viewing pleasure, ctrl-v


haha look at this one it's kind of funny

some lamer claims he found a rare copy of FF2 English

read the details for yourself

BUT one detail i cant believe he left in!!!

look at the cartridge label.

notice anything... interesting?

i mean gees. it might (i said might, not would) have been a little believealbe if the label didnt feature the new FF2 logo.

that logo did not even exist when FF2 first came out

another thing, it looks

if i remember correctly, none of the companies ever bothered to make such an elaborate label for a NES cart!

#### i want to go on but im too tired

so check it fr yourself

OH MY GOD! that is SO !@#$%^( hilarious! unless some guy that buys it is a member of NX, SX, PX (Playstation Xtreme, I would LOVE to see that :biggrin: but I guess it'll never happen :( or how about a FFX: Final Fantasy Xtreme? SSX: Squaresoft Xtreme?), we'll never know whether or not it's real.

BUT WHO CARES!! IT'S NOT REAL!!! :biggrin:

Edit: You never know though, it could be a beta of FFII (FFII was a heartbeat away from getting localized, but troubles between Nintendo and Square (gee, I'm not surprised :), kept from getting over here). But that label is SO FAKE!!! HAHAHA!!!!! *has to catch breath, or else he'll die of suffocation from laughing so hard, just like when he saw the Saban trailer for Sailor Moon*

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Hmmm, well, look at his feedback, he's not a cheepskate or a liar. This game could very well be the real deal. Besides, who says that pic didn't exist back then? The games industry is know to be big on keeping secrets from the public, that could just be one of the things they never showed before.
there is no way in #### that is true

lol we can only wish but i mean come on...also look at his negative feedback...he has sent people fake shit before
What he's selling isnt fake, it's just a HK game, most likely someone took the translation, put it on a cart, and labeled it. look at some other things he's sold, mostly HK/pirate carts.
they're not fake, else they wouldnt be there, please use proper terminology, they're "cdrs" or "hk's" or "silvers" but they are not fake, they run in the system.
it aint a silver its a cartridge.. a 'hk silver' is a cd copy thats pressed, rather than dumped on a cd-r.. and they dont work on the system any more than a cd-r copy does (ie; you need a mod for psx or saturn 'silvers')

its just a bootleg cart.. FF2 to my knowledge was never released in europe either.. or in english at all.. cuz if it was, a rom dump would exist, and i would have it :)

welcome to the world of famicom/nes bootlegging..

thou every bootleg i've gotten was a famicom cart, thats clearly a us cart.. it looks alot more like a sticker on a regular nes game..

guy still deserves to be bullwhipped for auctioning it as the "most RARIEST game on the universe".. 31 feedbacks, most of them as buyer, 2 as a cheat, doesnt label the guy as trustworthy (thou hes probably more stupid than crooked)
Thought that was Sonic Vs. Mario PSX pirate disc at first. Is it possible there are more hacked Sonic games out for PSX?

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Thats pretty funny, you have to be pretty stupid to belive that! Hahahahahahahahah god, that made my day!

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I'm selling my uhm, ultra rare Wonderboy In Monsterworld IV, was only released in japan and I got the ultra rare english rereleased cart, one of a kind, only $499!
I want that game, I love that game! One of the best in the series, I just play it on emu though cause I have an english hack :) its great.
it's much better on the real thing. I actually do have a cart with the english translation on it.
Now, you gotta wonder about all this fraud, though...

Why is it that we semi-intelligent simians don't report the fraudster to the proper eAuthorities?

Hmmn, on the other hand, perhaps we should simply all create fake eBay accounts and bid thousands of dollars on his stuff, make him pay the fees, and then magically disappear.... <evil grin>

Hmmmn.... cowbody diplomacy or letting the proper authorities handle it?.... Nope, gotta be cowboy diplomacy.
its not that hard to do. Personally, I believe that it is a pirate. I've seen US DBZ HD for the snes at a local import before... why couldn't the same thing happen for the nes?
Hey, speaking of likely frauds, check this out:

NHL 98 for Genesis? Yeah, right...


I somehow kinda doubt it.
Actually, there was...

From the Genesis Game Guide:

NHL Hockey 91 (the first in the series - not as

impressive graphically as its sequels, but a good

start nonetheless - the Euro variant is referred to as

"EA Hockey - European League" in Bruce Cantin's Genesis


NHL Hockey 92 (so much like the first game, except for

the team rosters, that it's often hard to tell them

apart - one clue is the different artwork used in the

title screens)

NHLPA Hockey 93 (significant improvements in graphics,

sound, and gameplay, and the best in the series before

High Score Productions got their on-screen credit)

NHL Hockey 94 (not as good as its immediate precursor,

the game tunes just plain stink - what a waste)

NHL 95 (the first of the High Score games, and a big

improvement over the previous installment)

NHL 96 (the most balanced of the NHL Hockey series, and

the "house favorite" among fans of the sport)

NHL 97 (no observable difference between this and NHL 96

apart from the music and the team rosters; there is

also a user-hacked Czech version apparently out there)

NHL 98 (identical to NHL 97 for all practical purposes

aside from the team rosters)

It was probably made in '97 for '98 and released in the new year.