a Hitachi Navi Saturn spotted on Ebay!

Umm, I'm pretty sure that I am allowed to post ebay links here, just not in buy / sell forum. :huh Along with that belief of mine, I will post the link...


The seller is in Great Britain, and there aren't that much details about this item. I dont know about how much the seller knows about this item, but the seller obviously started this item at 5.00 pounds... (about 8 dollars)

it's at around 500 dollars right now, and about slightly less than two days left to go.

Well, I thought someone might want to know. By the way, the ebay post has no pictures or anything. I'm GUESSING that the seller didn't quite know its value when he started the auction... (or did... because he knew that people would bid anyway?)

Well, that's that.
they really arent that rare, just outside of japan (wow who would think that since they were japan only i believe, amazing!!!)