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Saturn Dev Device on ebay

Discussion in 'Saturn Dev' started by RitualOfTheTrout, May 18, 2004.

  1. RitualOfTheTrout

    RitualOfTheTrout New Member

    Ok, i was looking around on ebay and found this device. I thought someone here might be interested in it. So have a look: Ebay Saturn Dev Item

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  2. Berty

    Berty New Member

    WTF, I have never seen anything like that before. I have seen the smaller address checker/debugger that was partly manufactured by hudson but this is totaly bizzare? for the size of the thing it may as well be using vacume tubes for circuits!

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  3. dj898

    dj898 New Member

    this is the same address checker that he sold in previous auction but the buyer decided to walk out since this thing weigh tons. :p

    on old Assembler forum this was discussed in much length so you might want to dig it up if you are interested...

    my take on this thing is this is some kind of modified system to test early build to see whether the program access the area of memory it shouldn't have. There's another address checker which is much smaller - in fact it's normal Saturn shell with row of LED at on side for address checking.

    For true Saturn development you need CartDev Rev.B setup which consist of modified Saturn console, VCD unit, buffer board and cable to connect to PC. There was Rev.A but it's much bulkier and had several issues whereas Rev.B addressed much of issues and came in smaller package - also the modified Saturn is handy as it has rotary switch at the side to set the country setting so you don't need ARP4-1 cart. Stick a mod chip in and you have ultimate Saturn setup... :p

  4. antime

    antime Extra Hard Mid Boss

    It was discussed here as well when it first went up for auction, and you can download the manuals from my webpage.

  5. mal

    mal Member

    It must be what all the cool kids use. :sarcasm:
  6. dj898

    dj898 New Member

    retro in Assembler forum has Sophia Dev unit for Saturn.

    He's also discussing with me about Psy-Q development Saturn as I need to get rid of 'em unfortunately... :(

  7. Ammut

    Ammut New Member

    Wow... Why didn't Sega make a 'special edition' saturn unit like that in Japan for general sale? I bet it would've sold like hot cakes :lol:

    I can't begin to imagine how much shipping from japan would be...

  8. dj898

    dj898 New Member

    they did.

    This is Cool Saturn (black skeleton)

    Derby Saturn (blue skeleton)

    Sonic Saturn


    These are the well known limited edition Saturn and quite hard to come by not to mention they fetch a lot of money especially on eBay. :p

    There were other special packages but the console inside was stock standard.

  9. mal

    mal Member

    I guess the humour was lost on you...

    I believe Ammut was talking about a large and heavy Saturn like this one going on general sale.
  10. dj898

    dj898 New Member

    don't think there were many takers considering the housing space they have in Japan. :) I had hard time to keep stuff out of way - usually in the closet - when I was staying in Osaka years ago... :)

  11. retro

    retro New Member

    did i hear my name? ;)

    Yup, I have a Sophia system (Target Box, Graphics Box, Sound Box and E7000 ICE), and the Address Checker mentioned in this topic, which was another official Sega item :)

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