LAN, Http proxy problem.


I have a Pentium 133 connected via LAN to my main PC and installed a DOS internet Browser on it. It´s just a experiment ;) I want to know how it is surfing Internet under DOS.

My main PC is running sambar server 5.0

I´ve setup Sambar as Proxy and it works fine.

Two other PC´s are connected to it and can surf fine via Proxy under windows.

On the P133 with DOS is installed Arachne Web Browser and a Packet driver. To setup Arachne it ask´s for

IP, Subnet Mask, Nameserver and Gateway.

IP and Subnet Mask is no Problem, but what Nameserver adress do I have to enter to the client´s PC which is connected to the Proxy?

Must I enter the nameserver adress of my ISP or must I enter the IP of my own Proxy PC?

And the Gateway Adress, what must I enter?

I tried around but I can only reach my Intranet website.

I can´t surf internet. I also tried to enter IP adresses instead Domain Names but it also doesn´t work.

Do I have to setup also a Gateway adress to my Network Configuration on my Proxy PC?

Can anybody help my with my Problem?

Sorry for my bad english. A bit hard to describe that shit network stuff :(
In general, you would need to set up your proxy system as the DNS server, unless it's also doing NAT (also called Internet Connection Sharing or IP Masquerade) for the DOS system. As for the gateway, that should be the IP address of your proxy system.

"Two other PC´s are connected to it and can surf fine via Proxy under windows."

How are the other systems connected? Are they using Internet Connection Sharing / NAT / IP Masquerade? What version(s) of Windows are the systems running?
All my PC´s are running Win98 also the server.

On the clients I only entered the servers IP as Proxy and all works fine.

I will enable DNS server in Sambar. Until now it was disabled. Then I try the DOS Browser again.