Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 Dreamcast Website's Back Online

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Good day everyone i thought id write about "some news" about a feature in the original Sa 1 & 2 that few people had the chance to experience.
Anyone who has played the Dreamcast versions of these games will have noticed an "Internet" option in the bottom of the main menu, this would lead to a website with a whole bunch of things to do.
My background is from the Dreamcast online community and one of the projects iv been "involved" is in the revival of these websites so everyone can enjoy them!
But your thinking "wait the Sonic Adventure games only supported the modem and not the broadband adapter, i don't have dial up!" fret not the Dc community has a solution which i will talk about at the bottom.
Huge props to Dan and Jial on for being the key components on bringing back these sites as they did almost all the work

Sonic Adventure's Website
Sa1's site allowed/ can do now these things
-Compete in World Rankings for the best times, score, rings in levels
-Download Dlc like new courses for the Twinkle Park Circuit among other things
-Have rankings for Dlc
-Have a Chao Daycare system to share your Chao all over the world
-Upload you Chao times with the Chao rankings (Not online yet)
-Fun Room contains the Black Market and a Chao Doctor (also not Online yet)
To use these features simply make an account on and your good to go
Here is some footage of these things in action NOTE: not recorded in Vga so it looks like crap
Chao Daycare system restored

Dlc Ranking system Restored

-AT&T/ODCM Event #1

-AT&T/ODCM Event #2

-AT&T/ODCM Event #3

-Twinkle Park Circuit Samba

-Sa1 Online Tutorial

-Daycare Tutorial

This months Ranking times

Sonic Adventure 2 Website
Sa2 site in some ways had more stuff and in other ways it had less
-Online Black Market (Not online but should be soon)
-One of the Few Dreamcast games to feature Dlc that was not on the disk
-Chao Daycare
-Send Omochao questions
-The scrapped Online rankings although you can still access the menu with codebreaker

Video of it in action

If you want to view these sites on your browser you can head here (keep in mind some stuff will only work on the dreamcast and sa1 will look messed up due to most of the images are on the disk)

How to connect
The best way to connect is with a 'Dream Pi" a program that will take any Dial Up signal and convert it to Highspeed internet or Wifi it will also enable you to play all of the Dreamcast games online like Chu Chu Rocket and Phantasy Star Online
More info here
You can also use a real dial up connection or Pc-dc connection if you input this dns in you Dreamcast browser
Hopefully you found this interesting or helpful in experiencing a key part of Sonic Adventure's History