Laser Intensity

You know how the intensity of the laser can be adjusted in the Saturn...Can this be done with a regular CD Player..(discman)...? (I do by original CDs...this is soley if i want to try a new artist and listen before i buy)
you can try, it seems to work on some players.. but be aware you might destroy the laser unit.
I just opened up my older cd player...

its a Koss 10ASP Plus w/10anti skip + Advanced shock protection (dynamic bass bosst sound)

Model CDP1659 series

But i don't see a srcrew or knob to adjust for laser intensity...i think there is something blocking it...

Do you think that is the case or is there no adjustment knob?

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If I were you, I wouldn't be messing with something that small, that is unless you're extremely good handling electronic parts that small, or if you don't care if you break it in the process of attempting the modification. ;)