lenght of final fight mp3's

lenght of final fight mp3's

I happen to have two versions of the mp3's of final fight cd.

In one every soundtracks is exactly 2 seconds longer that the corresponding one in the other version.

For example, track 02 is 02:11 in the first version and 02:09 in the second one.

Which one's the right one?

My guess is that one was ripped with the wrong program.

Please help...
lenght of final fight mp3's

It's possible that the longer audio tracks were binchunked and have the 2 seconds of silence at the start. Have a listen and find out.
lenght of final fight mp3's

Okay, I listened, the 2 secs of silence are at the end of the tracks.

What does Binchunked mean?

Are the smaller soundfiles the right ones?
lenght of final fight mp3's

Binchunker is a program that will extract data (iso) and audio (wav) from a bin/cue image. It apparently (I've not used it) adds the 2 second pregaps from the CD to the start of the audio tracks.

I don't know if the smaller tracks you have are the 'right ones', but I'd guess they are.
lenght of final fight mp3's

Are there any playlists that list the length of each track in sega cd games?

It would make things much easier.