Lightgun Games on 100Hz TV-Set

hi folks

i live in Europe and own a 100 Hz TV-Set

i got a lightgun and the usual games (VC1 and 2, HotD) fpr my saturn off ebay.

the games are Japan-version (NTSC).

when i plug the Saturn to my kitchen TV-Set which is an old 37cm Portable all works fine

on my pretty new 16:9 100Hz TV-Set in the living room i can't even calibrate the gun.

i know this is for the screen-sync-rate, but is there any way to get things to work on the 100Hz TV???

will a PAL-version work on this screen????

does anybody have the PAL-versions of the games above to download (i know it's not allowed to ask this, but i have the originals, so not really ISO-beggin...)


Nope, most lightguns don't work with 100Hz televisions. New ones might work (eg. GCon 2) but that won't help you, I'm afraid.