longest time playing a game

how long have you guys played a game for and what game ?

my longest is 6 hours playing dungeon master nexus.. killed my eyes and brain


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Not in one go, but when I got Final Fantasy 7 I finished it in 2 days, having played it for forty hours. So that's probably excessive.


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When I bought my Playstation I couldn't afford a memory card, so I kept Silent Hill on for three-four days. In the end I got stuck and gave up, and I haven't touched the game since. I also had days-long marathon sessions of Ultima 4 when I was about 13.
That would have to be the time I beat Lunar the Silver Star in 9 straight hours of playing, start to finish. That was a crazy day.


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Computer: Amstrad; Game: Silkworm.

I played it with my cousin 14 hours without stopping when I was 8-9 years old
. Of course, we finish the game
Some 4 years ago I borrowed my friend's PSX to play Final Fantasy 7 and started playing right after lunch. At the time I did not have a memcard, so I asked my brother if he could buy one for me as he was going shopping. He came back at 7 that evening so I kept playing until he came back. That was say 5-6 hours of continuative play.

A few days ago my young cousin came to see me and wanted to play Radiant Silvergun with a friend. Unfortunately, I did not have a decent save in the cart, so all weapons were pretty weak (if you play it with save startfiles, that is). So when my relative left I decided to boost weapon levels with a few run-throughs of the game. I ended up almost-finishing it three times in a row in Saturn mode and dying at the final countdown so that I could save. If you consider it takes about 1 hour and something for each run-through, that summed up to nearly 4 hours of eye sore with brilliantly coloured special 3D effects, big explosions and flashing lights. Should be made illegal, if you ask me...

And I only reached level 26 with the A weapon... ???

I'm planning on a run-through of Dracula X without saving, since it takes about 15 hours from start to finish, but I'd have to make sure not to die. It's too much of a risk. I'll let everybody know if I ever attempt this.
La Nouvelle Fantasi: Gulliver Boy - 32 hours (finished at level 148)

-runner up-

PC-Engine Emerald Dragon - 16 hours (all subquests complete, beat Zandig at level 132, his fight alone was 30 mins)

Most RPGs I beat are done in one sitting. I find taking long breaks int he middl eo fit disrupts my enjoyment of the story. I used to beat games this way much more requently (FF 1-6, Ys 1-5, Suikoden, Wild Arms, Lufia, Lufia II, etc). I'd get agame on friday and stay awake the next X days till I beat it (and usually sleep the entirity of Sunday). Ahh, I miss those days.
x-com ufo defense i've had several day stints on. hell i played that game for so long days began to blur. I lost track of what week it was. counterstrike, i've had some 20hr or so sessions with that on a oc48 server where it looked like bout everyone was on a LAN pings were so low. 4day, 65hr FFX venture. several 20hr days on mario rpg. there have been others...
But the important question... DID YOU GET UP TO PEE OR EAT?

It's only a true non-stop if you purge yourself the day before so you don't have to get up to crap once the game playing starts
Once, back in '95, I didn't owned a Saturn, and was a Guardian Heroes addict. Me and a friend wnet into the pay-per-play game store, and paid for a 9 hours run. That was the longest play non-stop I ever had.

As for plays with pee\eat stops, My first record was in Phantasy Star IV. It was rented, and I had an urge to beat it. I rented it on Thursday, and gave it back on Monday. I actually beat it on Sunday. Man, I remember how Lassic annoyied me...

Then I broke the record when I rented Nights, during a 5-day holiday. 5 days flying through rings, catching blue chips, and beating up bosses. Those were the days...
My friend and I regularly used to do 12 hour+ sessions on Sega Rally and Daytona USA on the Saturn. The need to beat the other's time by mere 100/sec was too great to think about sleeping. We used to get through gallons of coffee on the way though...


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Not technically a sitting, but about six or seven years ago I had Championship Manager 2 on the PC at home (was still at school) and I used to play a few matches before school, get straight on it after school and play until about 4am. That went on for pretty much a year and I can truthfully say that bastard game probably ruined my life. In the end I had to smash the CD so I couldn't play it anymore. Also, during moments of intense frustration, I used to give the monitor a good beating. Which wasn't too bad, but after a year there was a huge hole in the wall where it'd been constantly hit by the monitor. Had to do the cover-up job of the century to stop my mum from seeing it


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i played the original mario bros. through without getting up to pee, eat or shit once in like 7 hours when i was about 8.
PC computer game : Quake 2

online on www.heat.net (i believe it isn't there anymore)

12+ hours strait, no meal or bathroom break, i guess i like to kill things, especially things that swear and curse when they die


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I set a new record a few weeks ago. Eight straight hours of Final Fantasy X. My previous record was playing FFVII for six straight hours on a Sunday sometime in January of 1998. went from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.
Ah - I'm worried now, seeing as how my *average* gaming session lasts about 6 hours (just played SA2B for the last 6), and playing for up to 9 isn't that unusual. My longest ever would be about 12 for Shining Force II the day I got it - am I some sort of freak? (This is a rhetorical question - I know damn well what I am and I'm proud of it:p)


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Got to say that thought was occuring to me too, but I think I have far too much free time at the moment. Actually, you can't have too much free time when you've got a Saturn