Looking at getting an import saturn


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I'm in the market for a Saturn for playing a number of mainly japanese games (Radiant Silvergun, Layer Section/Galactic Attack,Battle Garegga).

Now second hand Japanese Saturns seem to be hard to come by and very expensive (> $/€100), while local (PAL in my case) ones are much much cheaper. I'm interested in my options here, I see a) Buy Japanese b) Buy US and modhip/action-replay c) Buy European and modhip/action-replay.

If I get a Japanese one then I should not need anything extra unless I want to play US or European games. With the other options I should need a jandaman mod-chip/action replay of some sort (the ability to play any game from any region is apealing). Is the chipping/action-replay typically viable/easy to do - is it a guaranteed to work on any game, or should I just buy a Japanese machine (and not bother at all with getting games from any region).


With a modded saturn you can convert territory codes using a program like Satconv. So you wouldn't need an Action Replay for territory lockout.


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slinga is right :)

I would buy a PAL saturn, then get a modboard and an Action Replay, not for bypassing the country lockout, but for the extra ram that allows you playing some games that require it :)

If you're good at soldering jobs you can even try a 50hz/60hz mod :) that way you can make you PAL saturn work like if it was a japanese one.. (well almost.. hehe)


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Or Switch the pal one, thats if your interested in original games cos obviously you wont be able to play copies


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well I got a white Saturn + 7 games from Japan for 80e *including* seamail shipping to the Netherlands :cool:

They're not too expensive if you look in the right places, for instance the bargain bin at hard-off :)