Looking for a PC PSO player

E Nice

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Does anyone know someone who goes by Yasder in PC PSO games? I think that's what he was called. I need to get in touch with him about something.


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Sega did release a playable demo for it about 2 years ago...

It's only 13mb and doesn't have sound/music/inventory...

But it plays perfectly...

It only has Forest 1 though...

Anyway, I've been trying to find myself a copy of this game too...

But no store seems to have it...

(I think it was released in Japan only, but it does have support for 7 languages or so... + some more that have been added later I think...)


I'm pretty sure it was less than 2 years ago

unless time flies more than I think it does

I had a hard time finding it at the time

E Nice

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They also released an online demo version that was Forest 1/2 and Dragon boss, with music. You'd log into a trial server, which they can disconnect you off of after a period of time.