Looking for a USB adapter for console gamepads

Hey Guys,

Are there any adapters that allow one to hook up a NES/SNES/Genesis gamepad to a computer via USB? While I'm abroad, I'm going to set up an emulation system for all my old games and I would really like to play them with the original controllers if possible (try to find some semblance of authenticity, at least). Granted, nothing beats sliding in a cartridge, turning on a system and watch graphics being generated on a real system, but I can't lug around my golden oldies all around europe. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!


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Maybe Level Six has some.

*a few minutes later*

Umm, maybe not.

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I know that you can probably find guides to do it yourself on the internet.. Have seen lots for snes pads and nes pads.

Try a search on google