What is the best off-stream console to get into

I've got and am almost done completing my collections for:

Atari 2600, Lynx

Sega Master System, Genesis, CD, 32x, Game Gear, Saturn, Dreamcast

Nintendo NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, GBA



My question is, what should be the next system?

For a while I had decided upon the Neo Geo. It's expensive, but had good games. But eventually I determined most of the Neo Geo games could be found as import-only saturn and playstation games (as well as some PS2 collections). So I don't know if there's too many Neo Geo games that are still only exclusive to that console that would warrant the price tags.

Then I had decided to get the Laser Active. For one, I'm a sega fan, and the thought of a laserdisk FMV game system to someone who enjoys microcosm is like gamer pr0n. The biggest thing was I could get the NEC card for it and basically have a turbo-duo system and laseractive system in one.

But I eventually decided the laseractive games and system weren't worth the cost. And I discovered that two of the key games, Triad Stone (Strahl) and Pyramid Patrol, were actually both released on 3DO (PP in japan only), and I now have both of those.

Before when I'd decided I wanted a neo geo, I'd decided against the turbo-grfx systems. But now I've changed my mind, and I think that the most games that haven't been ported elsewhere now are on the turbo 16/duo. So currently the turbo-duo is on the top of my list. Supposed a US system can play all region games, with just a hu-card physical adapter (while the japanese systems cannot play US card games at all).

But there are other systems, some of which are quite interesting.

So I'm wondering what you think of these systems. What system do you think is the best "next system" to get in to? My key interests are shooters (2D scrolling, 1st person doom style, on-rails fmv, etc), platformers, fighters, and puzzlers. I have no interest in RPGs, sims, strategy, or sports. A preference towards colorful 2D graphics in the 16 to 32-bit era, but gameplay is key.

MSX. There seems to be a lot of old shooters that only showed up on this one.

There's the PC-FX. Which seems to have a lot of japanese games.

The FM Towns Marty. Just learned about this one recently.



Amiga CD32

Neo Geo pocket

Or even back to a neo geo or laseractive

I'd even consider new systems

Gamecube (I'm considering getting one of these JUST to have the GBA player so I can play sonic advance on the big screen)


X-Box 360 (of the 7th gen, this one seems to have the most games that appeal to me)




3DS (I'm pretty sure I'll get this eventually, since I'm obsessed with 3D, I love my virtual boy. But I'll wait till it's been out for a while and drops in price)

And any other suggestions.
Have you considered N-Gage? With it's short life span not many copies of some games were sold and are probably rare. Given the fact that Nokia invested quite a lot into it in their attempt to break into the portable gaming market I would say they are a few undiscovered gems of games in there.
That Turbo Duo you mentioned might be your best bet - LOTS of fantastic games that never appeared anywhere else. I picked up a SuperGrafx a while back when it came up on another forum. I got it with the svideo mod and the region free mod. I'm keeping an eye out for a good deal on a Super CDROM^2 and an Arcade card, now.