Looking for arcade game

Ok...I've been thinking about buying an arcade cabinet and would love to remember the name of this GREAT game I played while in college.

This will sound kinda vague but bear with me. Anyway, the game was a sit-down game like a cockpit (you were completly enclosed). It was a 3d shooter on rails from a cockpit view and all you controlled was the crosshairs. The graphics were polygonal but simple so I think the game was from around the early 90's.

Pretty vague, huh? But what made this game so cool to me was that it was in Steroscopic 3D! It had some kind of special lens in front of the display that made the game appear in true 3D. The downside was you had to sit dead on straight to fully see it...but it looked cool. And it was fun! Lastly I think it was made by Atari, but I really can't be sure. The last time I played this game was in an arcade in Orlando Florida.

If you guys can help me i'd appreciate it...or maybe you know someone?
Hey - I remember that game! It made a brief appearance in my local arcade and I only got to play it once or twice. Was the name AX-somthing Starfighter ???

Really cool game - the 3D impressed me
LOL! Thats pretty similiar but I don't think thats it. However, it could be.

Is there a list of games that use this 3d technique? BTW, thanks for the help!

edit: The game I played was shorter (I believe) and it was completely enclosed with a curtain to completely black out the arcade. Everytime I played it I emerged with really red eyes and felt like I hadn't seen the sun in about a week.
It matches up pretty well to your description...Namco game (now part owner of Atari), on the rails shooter, fairly distinctive 3D.
Curtis, it could very well be that game except for the open back. If there is one thing I remember distinctly about this game was that it was enclosed with a curtain. It was also shorter, so I don't think it used somekind of rear-projection ala Starblade.

Very similiar though! Especially in the graphics.

Edit: Hmmm, the more I think about it, the more I think the game I'm looking for was indeed rear-projected onto a concave mirror. I'm also sure it wasn't Starblade. Arg!
Could this thing be a sega R360? (the same thing connor is playing in the arcade in T2 when he gets eyeballed by the T1000)