Looking For VCM Sdram

i am looking for it as its time for a memory upgrade, and my cl3 pc133 just isn't what it used to be soo anyways i am looking at vcm dimms becuz my mobo supports it and it runs cooler than normal dimms.
crucial doesn't carry it, oh boy this stuff is rare and its gonna be $$$
JustDeals used to sell it a couple of years ago.. but I just checked and it is no more. My brother has an Asus mobo (about 2 years old) that takes it.. but he's cheap and never bought any for it. I can't get to Pricewatch right now either.. but just go to Pricewatch's memory section and do a search on " VRAM " or " V-RAM " (Most sellers didn't list it as VCM SDRAM) and I'm sure something will pop up.

BTW; it's probably just as cheap as any other RAM nowadays.. just scarce. I only know of a few mobos that could even utilize it.
my mobo likes it and wants like 3GB's of it , and i hope it is, well vcm sdram shows no results on ebay, vram seems to pull up a bunch of video memory for old apple's.