Looking for virtual Boy games


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In particular I'd like to get my hands on wario land, however I'd be happy with just about any games lol. If you've got some you'd be interested in selling drop me a PM or send me a message on aim.
Look in the buy/sell forums in the NintendoXtreme boards. There is a guy there selling 22 vb games.

Well... he has 1 post... and hasn't responded to any of the posts in that thread. It's been since the 29th, he doesn't have aim or icq listed, and his email is listed as private. I don't think he's coming back lol. In any case, I'm still looking for games lol.
hey hey. I personally would check ebay, alot of games, and usually aren't going for large sums of money. I sold my vboy last summer via ebay, and got 75 american with 4 games.