LORD Tournament and prize!

I hope that this is OK to post here. First let me say that Segaxtreme and Gooddealgames message boards are the only retro/classic gaming sites that I call home. Classic and Retro gaming have been a big part of my life. I've traded with several of you over the years, and since it is a big part of my life, I figured a way of giving back to the community was to offer an imported mega cd of Shin Megami Tensei brand new/sealed, as the first Tournament Legend of the Red Dragon Prize of my BBS, Nostalgia BBS.

The C/P of the ad:

A new contest will be starting soon, Tournament Legend of the

Red Dragon to be exact, at Nostalgia BBS! With a real prize!

Tournament Starts: thursday september 7th, 2006, at appx 11:00


Tournament Ends: 30 days later, at midnight

Human fights per day: 4

Forest fights per day: 35

Money transfers per day: 0/$0

Max players allowed in game: 400


#1: A minimum ammount of 10 players has to be playing the game

by the end of the tournament to quality for the prize.

#2: Game Ops will be allowed to play. No GameOPs have

sysop/cheat powers in T-LORD. Staff will not qualify for prizes.

In the event that a staff member wins the tournament, the prize

may then defaulted for later use, as we don't want to have the

same prize on each tournament.

#3: Players must have their real names and addresses on file for

us to be able to send contest prizes out. If you have false

information, we suggest you changing it before entering the

tournament, by entering the following commands from the main

menu: "I Enter, B ENTER, A ENTER" then scroll through the

information, change it as needed, and save the information when

you're done.

---==What's the prize?!?!?!==---

A Japanese Import Video Game -Shin Megami Tensei- for the Mega

CD System, still sealed! Appx $35 value!!!!

Shin Megami Tensei is a classic/retro Cyberpunk Role Playing

Game. I have been a part of import video games, retro and

classic games, and general gameplay and collecting for many

years, and this is my way of giving back to the gaming

community: offering this as a first contest prize.

All contest winners will also receive 3 copies of Factory

Pressed Ubuntu Linux distributions. Each of these will have both

a live cd (like knoppix) and an install cd. These are

freeware/open source, but since a contest prize will be shipped

off, the winner will not have to pay shipping on them! The

winner may specify which distros they want: mac, 64-BIT, or PC.


1: Start Playing T-LORD From the first day the tournament starts

2: After reaching level 2, use GEMs at the barkeeper to modify

stat points, but also keep a few available at all times to gain

skill points occasionally at the forest.

3: T-LORD turns over at midnight, not at the 3am cleanup time.

Some people may want to use their turns first at midnight, while

others want to be the last.

4: Go ahead and start playing the many other versions of LORD

and/or T-LORD we have on-line to practice the game, before the

contest starts.

The Tournament Starts: Thursday September 7th, 2006, at appx

11:00 AM EST.

ENDS: 30 Days later, midnight, at Nostalgia BBS



Staff member
I don't see any problem with posting this here, looks like an awesome tournament.
Congrats go out to Lord Hepme for winning our last T-LORD Tournament. He will score a brand new/sealed copy of Shin Megami Tensei, for the Mega CD system. He'll also get 3 copies of factory pressed ubuntu linux distros shipped free with the game.

Stay tuned for more t-lord tournaments and prizes.