Conquer 2.0 Online Review

Conquer 2.0 Online

With so many offline games out, and lots of new online games coming out all of the time, now just may be the time to take the plunge into mmorpgs. MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

I have personally played everquest, champions of norrath, phantasy star online 1 & 2, phantasy star online blueburst, anarchy online, and shadowbane in the past, most of them being great games, besides champions of norrath, and there have been several "free" online games that I've tried. There are no names mentioned, because they just plain sucked. SNES or worse graphics, slow mobility, and generally slow gameplay are the main reasons no one would even want to give most a chance.

Now comes another free(*?*) game, based on Japanamation, inspired by at least: Conquer 2.0 Online!

In Conquer online, there is a choice of four classes: Warrior, Trojan, Archer, and Taoist. If playing a taoist, there is also two subclasses: Water Taoist and Fire Taoist. Water Taoists are like clerics and heal, while Fire Taoists are damage dealers.

Warriors are probably the most fun class to play, for several reasons. First, they can XP solo, they can kill bosses and kings with a special skill called "Superman," and they also have some of the best looking armor in the game. Their main weapons are sword, blade, and club.

Trojans are another class that can solo XP and also use two weapons at once. They have the highest HP in the game and are probably the most powerful PKers. The only downside to trojans is their skills suck, and they will not be able to kill bosses or kings for many levels ahead of what a warrior could do.

Taoists are magic users. They have poor defense and low hp. While they can become the most powerful attackers in the game, they usually require some one to power level them to get that far. What does that mean? These are not solo characters.

Archers have poor attack and defense, but there are some things that make up for it. Sure, you have to carry both arrows and healing potions, but a good archer needs no more than 1 or 2 potions, because they are very fast and hardly ever get hit. Archers usually also require power leveling to get to a high enough level to take care of themselves somewhat. Another advantage to an archer is that archers are able to take more damage off of kings and bosses.

Most people play a main character, and if they play the game long enough, they also play an archer, and we'll get to that in a bit.

When you first enter the game, it looks kind of cheezy. The fastest way to move around is actually jumping. Yes, we can laugh at the asians once again for their humor. The characters may remind you of dragon ball z characters or something. After the cheezy feeling goes away and you leave the city gates... BAM... Some one attacks you. Did I mention this was an all-out PK (player kill) game? Yes, it is. There are virtually no safe zones (besides the market and training grounds) or level restrictions on pking.

Depending on which class you choose, you'll start out with a dress or coat and at least one level 1 weapon, as well as 100 silvers. Either buy some potions or arrows if you're an archer, or put those silvers in the warehouse. You'll start out fighting pheasents, and as the levels progress, it's a never ending game of xping, buying potions, and buying/finding weapons, armor, and other items.

Once you start playing, you'll realize that the world is pretty small, and there usually is only 1 type of enemy per XP level/zone that you can both fight, survive, and xp with. For example, you'll start out with pheasents, then after gaining a few levels, move on to turtle doves, and a few more levels, you'll go to robins, then apparitions, then poltergeists, then winged snakes, then bandits, etc.

Compared to a huge world such as everquest, it makes this game look very small. In fact, it is small. Instead of having 4 or 5 servers with hundreds of thousands of people playing on each, conquer has probably around 30 small servers, which allows 2000 or so people (maybe less, just guessing) to play in the world at the same time.

After getting a few levels and learning to XP with minimum pkers killing you, what else is there to do in this game? The object of this game really isn't to become the highest level, but most likely to find, buy, and make the best weapons and equippable items, and in respect to that, money is the ultimate power in the game.

Items generally have several different qualities: Normal, Refined, Unique, Elite, Super, Blessed, Socketed, Enchanted, and +. There are also several levels of enchantment, +, Blessed, and socketed. Blessed items give defense, and it ranges from 1%, 3%, 5%, and the ultimate, 7% defense. None of them will really do good by themselves, but all of your blessed items are added together and can make you a pretty good tank. Blessed items also are the only "quality" of the game that you can not make. If it's already blessed, however, the item can be upgraded to a max of 7%, for an outragious price.

Sockets in items can hold gems. There are several different types of gems, that give slight attack, defense, durability, or exp. Gems also have varying qualities from Normal, Refined, and Super. Gems can also be used to enchant HP to an item. The HP also varies from the type of gem which is used, as well as just luck itself.

Normal, Refined, Unique, Elite, and Super are usually items that you'll find while exploring and kiling creatures. If the item is good enough, you may want to upgrade it to +1, +2, +3, or higher. As with every thing else, it takes a lot of money to upgrade items.

Why is money so important in the game? When I first started playing, as well as gradually got further in levels, I kept thinking that a lot more money was going to drop the higher level I went, but it wasn't really all that true. Sure, you gradually get a little more money, but you need more money for the more expensive potions and repairs when xping too. By level 70, you're lucky to bring back 20 to 30k average silver every time you go xp and then come back into the towns to buy more potions and sell dropped items that weren't worth holding onto or selling at the market. That's somewhere around 30k every 40 mins or so.

With out telling you how much items are in the game itself, you probably are still clueless to what 30k will do/buy. Equipment repairs are around 25k, potions 5-7k every time, and then if you want to purchase a nice super item or some thing, the min would be around 4 million silvers, let's say an axe, which really isn't that good compared to a club or some thing in the game. The average +1 items for composing with your own items on the server I play on is about 750000 silvers. Gems are a min of 350k. Dragon balls are around 3.8 million silvers, which you have to use to guarantee success when upgrading the level, a long with a meteor (130k average).

The game was really fun for me, until I hit around level 70, and when trying to upgrade my items with meteors, they failed, over and over again. I would need a dragon ball too to guarantee success, but guess what? Dragon balls hardly ever drop in the game at all. One dragon ball *can* be had every day by killing the guild beast, 1 dragon ball ocassionally for winning PK tournaments, 1 very very rarely (1 in a million chance) by catching a squama, and probably less than 1 dragon ball drops by killing enemies every week. So, how the hell do you get a dragon ball? .........

IS this a free game after all?

The only way to guarantee your success, you have to have dragon balls, and guess what? They sell dragon balls with real life money. Two dragon balls for $7.99 I believe. Weapon upgrades at every 5 levels, boots every 10 levels, as well a some other items. What does this mean for you? After you hit around level 65, you'll have to upgrade your composed stuff if you want to keep up, or you can constantly kill lower level stuff for weeks or months at a time, to keep spending meteors on items to upgrade. So, what it means is that there's no way to keep up with any one else in the game unless you buy dragon balls, and it also means 2 dragon balls for $7.99 will not do you a bit of good. Let's say in 15 levels, you'll have done 3 weapons, 2 armors, at least 1 ring and 1 pair of boots, 1 shield, and 1 helmet. That's a min of 9 dragon balls and 9 meteors you'll need. Meteors? not really a big problem, because leveling 15 levels will probably give you around 40 or so once you get past around level 60, unless you're teaming a lot or being power leveled. That's about $40 real money worth of meteors.

The problem is that a lot of people play the game and buy a the dragon balls. The game addicts you until you hit level 70, and some people just may not be able to overcome not being able to upgrade their own items much. So, a lot of people quit playing, a few stay and play without upgrading, and the rest end up buying $350 worth of meteors every few months. I understand that they have to make money, and that buying dragon balls and selling t-shirts is their only revenue, but I would much rather pay $9.99 a month for the game and have a more balanced game for every one, than to push hard on non-paying players.

As stated before, this game is about items, and to upgrade the items, you have to have money. A little bit of money at first, but most items can be upgraded with about an unlimited ammount of money. For example, items can have a max of +9 stats, but supposedly no one in the game has ever composed any thing over +6 or +7. Also, the chances of finding a blessed, super, double socket item are probably next impossible. Changing a blessed item from 5% to 7% cost 11 super tortoise gems, at around 45 million a piece on my server. Money is generally hard to come by in large ammounts, with out having some dragon balls, meteors, and rare items to sell. It's possible to get lucky and find a 1 to 6 million dollar item along the way, to sell at the market, but even 5 million dollars won't do much.

It's possible to spend billions on an item, and while in one way, that kinda left me wanting to play the game more, knowing that weapons and items can always be improved, but in another way, with out wanting to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars of my real money on it, I just would not be able to hold my own next to people that have bought them.

In the end, if you want a game to try out, by all means, give it a try. Just read my warning about money, dragon balls, and other items, and don't get too hooked if you can not afford to buy lots of dragon balls. It's a good game otherwise, and there are no pk restrictions, or even any safe xp zones. I can't rate the game one way or another. I just hope that this review is comprehensive enough for you to make your own choice. Good luck!

Why Archers exist

If archers generally aren't that powerful, why play an archer at all? They suck as a pk class, they only use 1 weapon throughout the whole game, and there just isn't a lot of variances between different archers throughout the game. You have about 3 or 4 main looks: Lev 1 coat/dress, Brownish armor, Reddish, and whitish armors. That's about it.

When playing Conquer, archers are the most pesky kill stealing players in the game. There's nothing worse than leveling in a zone that you're supposed to be XPing in, when an archer comes in and wipes out all of the mobs.

I did a lot of cussing and a lot of wondering why they constantly kill my mobs while playing. Fortunately, the archers usually don't PK in the zones, because they're too busy clearing them out.

As an archer progresses in levels, he or she gets spread shots. I think when it's maxed out, it probably shoorts 6 or 7 arrows at once, hitting 6 or 7 targets. Between that and how fast archers shoot and move, they can clear out a whole xp zone fast and make life hell on those who are xping there.

Most archers in conquer aren't playing archers are their main character. Remember me talking about real money, dragon balls, and expensive items to buy and upgrade? Well, if you have a good chance at getting a meteor, dragon ball, or other rare item at killing 1 enemy at a lower lev xp zone every 2-3 seconds, the chances are greater for an archer to kill 6 or 7 every 1-2 seconds. Generally, 1 meteor should drop around every 30-40 mins for a warrior or trojan, if they can kill enough enemies fast enough in that time period. Well, archers can do about 7 or 7 x that. Four hours of XPing a day may get them up to 40 or 50 meteors, probably several +1 items, maybe an elite item, and who knows what else. That's a lot more than the 6 or so a warrior or trojan may find. It's not all that cut and dry, because luck and chance also play a part in it.

Most archers, I wouldn't even call a secondary character. They're more of a supportive character to their main ones. They usually join a guild and have one of their guild members power level them to somewhere around level 70, and then probably do a lot of teaming with people to get another 10 or 20 levels, to be able to kill the low level enemies with 1 hit every time.

These "support" charcters bring in most of the money and meteors to their main charcter, and some times even some good elite or super items. If the archer sells 50 meteors a day for 130k, that's 6.5 million per day. Add all of the other gold and items you've sold, and that's at least 2 dragon balls a day you could buy. Save the money longer and get super items.

Becoming an archer certainly wasn't a choice for me, because I can not stand the time it takes to level at all, and when you're going to lower lev zones for many hours a day, you're getting practically no xp at all. You'll get burnt out of the game faster, and that's the trade off.. it just takes more time away from building up your main character.