Lost World

my friends claims he has seen The Lost World light gun game on DC somewhere.

is is full of shit or was this totally awesome shooter converted?
It was rumoured to be in development, but never appeared. There weren't even any screenshots released.
Apparently EA own the JP trade mark (games wise) so sega couldnt release it onto console. Same as scrud racer couldnt be released due to sony owning the porche license (games wise yet again) Although the demo is actually out there and an ex sega employee actually has it! The git.
i played once in the arcade a lightgun shooting game based on the jirasic park world meybe your freind was talking about that game, i don't remeber the name but i think it was called the lost world but i'll have to make sure, one thing i do remeber is that it was developed by either sega or konami
yeah It was a shame, how many quality arcade games went un released, I am not sure why some of them didn't get put into a console format, like, Ambulance that crazy sega ambulance crazt taxi type game. or the airplane flight sim.. or how about Gunblade NY, or LA Gunners?? Anyone know what happend to these arcade no shows?
Crazy Ambulance, Jambo Safari and Brave Firefighters were scheduled for release as a triple pack on the DC. It never saw the light of day though.
I have always wondered since there are various sega cd betas, due to the quick death of that system, various saturn games that got quickly ported to dc due to the fast death of that system, then there has to be a shit load of dc games that are in beta or something due to the quick death of that system