Lucky Europeans!

yea, we brit's would be better off if we could use the dream key 3.0.......SEGA's UK Dreamcast Gaming servers are no longer running......
....bit pointless us getting PSO if we have no one to play it with!..(why not chu-chu rocket?!? least 4 people can play)
Last I heard there were still PSO servers up. But in any case, if you want to do any networking stuff you need Dreamkey 3, as it's the only version that allows you to use any ISP. Broadband access should be possible too, as long as you have something that lets you enter the connection settings. I'll probably get one as my current DC seems to be on its last legs and has trouble loading some games.
Ice, what u mean new DC's? Like a new model? Just re-releasing it? What?

Also, another question....How can I network my DC? What do I need? What games are u able to do this with?

Thanks guys, peace.
It's nice to hear, but ridiculously overpriced. I can't see to many people taking them up on it to be honest.. Both VF3 and PSO can be bought for under £5 here. Including Confidential Mission also seems odd since there's no gun included with the pack.
Might be expensive for the UK, but elsewhere in Europe the Dreamcast pretty much vanished from the shelves after it was cancelled so IMO it's not too bad for a new machine.
Go here for a current list of all active dc online games.

PSO lets you choose servers from europe, usa and japan. So you can usually find someone to play on at least one of them. It also seems that the pso servers will be up for a while longer.
considering you could buy the dc with dreamkey3.0 for £49.99 when eb was discontinueing them its not really a great deal

and id susspect they are including confidental mission as they have a load of unsold copies they want to sell