Lunar Eternal Blue?


I posted this in another thread, but i have more info, so i thought i should post again.

I downloaded Lunar Eternal Blue from an ftp server, and i noticed it was too small!

It had the iso file and 2 audio tracks. Am i missing any audio here?

Then, when burned and played on the real mega cd, the game does nothing, but when it gets past the Sega logo with sonic, it just access the disk continuously. The only thing i can see is a blank screen, and i can hear audio, but in pieces, as if i had a deeply scratched cd!

The iso was USA and converted to PAL with scdconv (which should work fine, since i read the compatibility list).

The exact file sizes are : the Iso file is 40,8 megs long.

The audio is Track 1 - 4.4 and Track 2 - 5.4.

The audio can differ in quality, so it doesnt really matter.

All i want to know, is if i am missing any audio and if anyone had the same problem before!

Whats weird, is that scdconv, sees this iso PERFECTLY!

If it couldnt, i would understand that this iso might be a bad dump, but given that scdconv sees it normally and converts it normally just makes things worse!!

what the hell is going on here?

Even trying to play the burned(and iso format) game in Gens gives me the same results....
I think you need to burn this game using the Track-At-Once option otherwise it works none too good.
It is track at once! I can hear the audio tracks in a stereo, and i have verified that i burned this with Track at once.

Have you checked the file size? I think i have a bad dump, or an erroneous one here(with errors when ripped).
i use dao mode for everything with more than one session, otherwise my drive spits the disc out after the first ses and demands another blank and megcds work just fine
Thanks arakon!

Thats what i thought too. But since scdconv sees it correctly i coundt think of something. Probably the country info is in the early part of the iso and i am missing the later part