Lunar vs Final Fanstay

We for me Lunar is my life...I can play Lunar on ANY music instrument =D Also draw them. ANYWAYS in my mind I just combinded the 2 worlds as I like them both and they both draw you into the world itself (Ok maybe not FF8) but anyways just a little Rpg talk =D
Final Fantasy started getting retarded after ff3. too futuristic and storyline started getting stupid. kefka was the man!


And I really haven't played Lunar that much. I've finished the original SCD Silver Star and I've been about 3/4 done with Eternal Blue for almost a year...

But I can play a number of FF3 themes. Great stuff, even if it's nothing too original.

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FF is my life (along with Virtua Fighter :)). The only one I'm not really a big fan of is FFIII. The whole onion kids thing is a little odd to me. FFVI is starting to grow on me (SLOWLY however) as it used to be my least favorite FF (although Sabin kicks ass :)). FFVII was the game that got me hooked. FFVIII was pretty good. The characters were the strength of that. In FFIX, the strength of that was the music, characters, and story. FFIV has the best story of the series by far. With FFVII and FFIX as close seconds and thirds. However, with FFX, I LOVE this game. One problem though: It doesn't have a the FFF (Final Fantasy Feel) that I'm used to. It feels more like a Chrono Cross clone. It's because of all the beaches and docks and tropical stuff in the citys, and forests. The characters, story, music, and gameplay are all the usual FF standard (aka KICK ASS), but the feel just isn't there. Oh well.... Enough with my rambling. I gotta go.
Eh... there's always room for competition. Personally, I've always preferred the production value of FF over PS, but PS is still a nice series, and it seems to me that FF started going downhill with 7...

edit: incidentally, Working Designs bugs the #### out of me with all the lame jokes they put into "their" games. Lunar is great for the art, story, and gameplay, not for anachronistic condom jokes.

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Hold on this isnt PS vs FF & Lunar lol

PS is more a different rpg...I cant get into it really....I REALLY got into PSO tho.

FF6 (We use jap numbers for talks) was great as well as 4, 7 drew you in with areis and the ancients, 8 was like um to play at start but a stupid CID? Thats was lame......9 I havent played all the way yet.....and 10 I dont own. 5 is ok is more for those who liked FFT. I FIRST played FF5 when it came translated for a rom. Anyways Lunar draws you in as well =D Except...PSX sucks? I like the new people and all...but it lacked the true draw into the land that SCD had. Then they kiddied versioned it! (No random monsters, no having to stay up hours JUST fighting, etc) I miss that....also that they took stuff out. (Lunar 2) sucks. I was dissapointed in PSX version really....(Lunar SSS was better then EB for PSX however)
The major difference between Lunar and FF is that Lunar doesn't have a "sequel" every year...personaly i would like to see how FF 30 will be :)
Hold on this isnt PS vs FF & Lunar lol

PS is more a different rpg

No more different from Lunar or FF than they are from each other IMO, aside from the emphasis on tech/sci-fi elements. The point is that it's senseless to ignore a good game just because there happens to be another good game in the same genre.

8 was like um to play at start but a stupid CID? Thats was lame

But then, who could ever take FF6's Cid seriously in that ridiculous outfit? Trojan Man, maybe? My favorite Cid is FF4's :)

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YEA FF4 and FF7 were the BEST Cids! FF7 really. That spear, the attitude, Always had a thing on his airship for all, like when he says shit, pulls lever. That scene was COOL. I cant wait for Lunar 3 tho....(Wont say what shes knows about it) ;)
Like ####! Final Fantasy 6's Cid had a fucking heart and personality. Geez, guys, your brains not working?

The Cid design in 4 was... cool, but he was so.. blagh...

And as for 7...

Chakan: BARF!
ever since plunking down the $300 for my original Sega CD and getting to sit down and play the original Lunar...its all been an obcession for me. Yes i am that guy that has all the import and domestic versions...yes, im that guy that preordered both PSX versions a year and a half before they were set to release just to make sure i got them. yes ive scoured ebay just to get all the different cd arts for the sega cd games. The original Lunar was the first game where i actually sat there pissed....knowing it was the end of the game because i didnt want it to end. Of course im sure you all couldnt tell from my name either that i love Lunar :)
Yet Dyne doesnt know what Studio Alex has planned for Lunar 3 ;) hehehhehehehe But yea all I need now is Saturn Lunar, and Jap Scd Lunar EB. I have all the rest, import soundtracks, The comics, and so on =D
i pine away for the day i see the first official screenshot of the next real Lunar :) hoping that yes, it will be the story before the first game involving the young 4 heroes before they were the heroes.
Actually talked about that once...

Lunar Legends (Or chonicals)

About the 4 heroes.

But all I know for you is this....John Truitt will be back ;)