Magic card v2

Has anyone else heard about (or seen) this cart for the Saturn? Playthegames is on a search to find this rare little item. Here's what they said about it when I emailed them:


Yep it exsists as I have seen one up and running with my own eyes.... We have a pic of the cart somewhere around here too. It works off of a swap. You put any original game in, then swap when it tells you and press the start button. Simple to operate but hard as hell to find. I am not sure how they did it but they did. This cart must have not surfaced in large numbers either. So our quest to find it has begun.

Now that seems pretty cool, no? Well, for people who can't swap worth a damn like me... it definetly sounds great.
it's available on ebay on occassion, and is a waste of money.

the swap trick can be learned, no need to waste 20+ on this cart. you even get a mod for that price already.

also, it appears its failure rate is somewhat high, some games won't work with it.

Cecilia Chen

Ban Hammered
Magic Strong Card v2.0 isn't so great. The only reason you might want to get one is if you travel to friends places who may not have a Modded system.